Baby Acid Reflux- An Alarming Situation

Posted on October 10, 2012

Main Causes of Baby Acid Reflux

The diagnosis of many infections and disease in adults become very difficult for physicians and this difficulty increased if the sufferers are infants or children. The doctors can diagnose any infection by discussing its causes and symptoms with patients but when babies are suffering from any infection they do not tell about anything and this factor increases the responsibilities of physicians. When acid reflux disease appears in babies or infants then it is known as baby acid reflux and parents must know about the facts and basic information about this infection because signs and symptoms of this infection are diverse from adult’s acid reflux.

It is not necessary that all children will show same signs and symptoms of acid reflux and not all of symptoms of acid reflux will appear in a child, usually children will show one or two symptoms of this infection. The common symptoms of acid reflux in infants include vomiting, wheezing and coughing and you will feel that your baby is restless and you can also note inconsolable crying of your baby.  The children will refuse to take food because he will try to take it but fails in his effort due to the swelling of throat.

When your children is suffering from baby acid reflux then you will note the significant weight loss of your baby and your babies will persistently cry for food and in case of breast feeding they will pull off breast and cry to take feed after shorts gaps. It is reported that about 35% of total babies who born every year will get acid reflux in first two or three months of their birth and it is considered that acid reflux is heretic disease and those babies have greater chance to get this infections whose parents are also infected.

Acid Reflux leads to GRED in Babies              

In the case of baby acid reflux immediately consult to your physicians because if you not take care about the health of your baby then this infection leads to the severe conditions such as your baby can experience gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRED) and the disease of pyloric stenosis. In both of these diseases your baby will become too weak due to the severe pain in stomach and some case deaths of babies have been recorded. The GRED is also known as spitting up in babies and most of the researchers and physicians of babies recommend no treatment for this infection because they thought medications have severe side effects for babies even that low dose of drugs will be harmful for your babies.

The baby acid reflux usually disappears in babies after the age of one year but a little number of babies’ required proper treatment especially who are very weak at the time of birth and have respiratory problems. The babies can also experience sinus infection and pneumonia during the acid reflux disease therefore your physician of babies will recommended different medicines to control acid reflux such as anti- acid medications and acid blockers.

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