All about Acid Reflux Diet

Posted on October 10, 2012

Facts about Acid Reflux Diet

When we talk about acid reflux and its remedies with natural products and food and lifestyle variations then most of the people thought that they have to stop the use of their favourite foods but it is not true because you can still enjoy your favourite foods by getting the complete information about the acidic foods that trigger acid reflux.  For the cure of acid reflux experts suggest to avoid some foods for short period of time and after the removal of this infection you can eat all foods. The acid reflux diet variations have given very effective results to control minor as well as severe symptoms of acid reflux.

The products with high amount of cholesterol and fats are very dangerous for the patients of acid reflux, there are two types of fats such as saturated fats and trans fats and the excessive of both types is dangerous for sufferers. The excessive use of oily and fried foods can significantly reduce the functioning of stomach and stomach acid therefore large amount of stomach acid gather in stomach and if you lay down straight after meals then it easily enters into oesophagus. It is also noted that obese people have more chances to get reflux acid as compared to smart people therefore take exercises on daily basis to avoid acid reflux.

 Avoid All Kinds of Hot and Spicy Foods

Most of the people especially young adults like to eat fast and spicy foods with high carbonated and caffeinated drinks while the use of spicy foods and these drinks is really harmful for their health. The patients of acid reflux should not use spicy foods because they can damage the inner membrane of oesophagus and this damage leads to severe chest pain and heartburn that will not be controlled without proper medication and treatment. The acid reflux diet plan suggests that you should take organic foods and try to consume fruits and vegetables in raw form because when you cooked these foods they will become ineffective for acid reflux.

The use of alcoholic drinks is increasing among young adults but these dinks are very dangerous because alcohol is the main reason for many diseases and it can damage the central nervous system and digestive functioning and can also cause various heart and kidney diseases. The alcohol is not included in acid reflux diet because it can increase the production of digestive acid in stomach and can also damage the membrane of stomach.

The acid reflux diet variations also include rules of eating for sufferers, it is recommended that take your meals at least three hours ago before sleeping because during this time your stomach will easily digest your meals. The overeating is also a trigger of acid reflux because large amount of meals can put pressure on your stomach and due to this pressure stomach acid enters into oesophagus and cause severe heartburn. During the acid reflux avoid all kinds of meats and dairy products because they also increase production of digestive acid.                                     


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